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Alessio Pozzi, Jeremy Irvine, Marlon Magnée & Austin Scoggin for Hercules S/S 2015

With another cover layout revamp, Hercules managed to produced four prodigious covers.

Alessio Pozzi for Hercules SS 2015Model|Alessio Pozzi

Photographer|Daniel Riera

Fashion Editor|Francesco Sourigues

Jeremy Irvine for Hercules SS 2015Actor|Jeremy Irvine

Photographer|Ben Weller

Fashion Editor|David Vivirido

Marlon Magnée for Hercules SS 2015Musician|Marlon Magnée

Photographer|Hedi Slimane

Austin Scoggin for Hercules SS 2015Model|Austin Scoggin

Photographer|Bruno Staub

Fashion Editor|David Vivirido

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Lara, Joan, Karlie, Reuben and Amra for i-D (Spring 2013) – The Q+A Issue

Models|Lara Stone, Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, Reuben Ramacher and Amra Cerkezovic

Photographers|Tyrone Lebon, Matt Jones, Mikael Jansson and Hedi Slimane

Stylists|Alastair McKimm, Sara Moonves and Sarah Richardson

5 incredible covers.

Lara Stone, photographed by Tyrone Lebon and styled by Charlotte Stockdale

Lara Stone for i-D (Spring 2013)

Joan Smalls, photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Alastair McKimm

Joan Smalls for i-D (Spring 2013)

Karlie Kloss, photographed by Matt Jones and styled by Sara Moonves

Karlie Kloss for i-D (Spring 2013)

Reuben Ramacher, photographed by Hedi Slimane and styled by Sarah Richardson

Reuben Ramacher for i-D (Spring 2013)

Amra Cerkezovic, photographed by Matt Jones

Amra Cerkezovic for i-D (Spring 2013)

Source: i-D magazine

Daphne Groeneveld for Vogue Russia (April 2012)

Model|Daphne Groeneveld

Photographer|Hedi Slimane

Stylist|Sarah Richardson

Editorial|возвращение в эдем/Return to Eden

I get it sometimes because of Daphne’s physical youth, it’s pretty hard for people to stomach the heavy makeup. I sincerely enjoy the makeup! Daphne have heavy features and when dosed with heavy makeup and other exaggeration, she’s very in your face and that’s apart of her appeal. Very glam and fierce sophisticated cover and editorial.

 Source: Stereo_Flo from TFS

Arizona Muse for Vogue Russia (December 2011)

Photographer|Hedi Slimane
Model|Arizona Muse
Stylist|Sarah Richardson
Hair Stylist|Brent Lowler
Makeup|Rose-Marie Swift
Editorial|Silver Age
Gorgeous cover and divine editorial.
Source: thefashionspot, models & troublemanagement